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"Finding the right babysitter for your own kids is a big challenge for parents like you. Due to my years of experience with children of all ages I understand the shared worries of caring parents. Thus, I know exactly what matters in child care. Our aspiration is to give you and your children the highest level of trust and security.”

Jennifer Roscher
Co-founder mymary

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Click on Book Your Mary

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Introductory meetings are automatically limited to 1 hour. Multiple appointments can be created to increase the likelihood of getting to know the right Mary. Unreciprocated bookings are deleted automatically.

Enter all data and indicate in the free text field what your general childcare needs look like (e.g. sporadically, 1-2x per month on weekends, always on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3pm - 6pm, etc.) This helps the Marys decide whether they can cover your needs on a long-term basis.

An inquiry is sent to all Marys displayed on screen. Marys that you do not wish to request can be removed from the list by clicking on their profiles. The more Marys you ask for, the higher the likelihood of finding a great babysitter who suits your needs.

Specify your payment method. The amount will always be credited 48 hours after the service. Within these 48 hours, you or your Mary can adjust the actual time spent with your children.

After a Mary has accepted your request, you can view her profile under "Menu" and then "My babysitters".

We wish you and your children a happy time with your Mary.


How does mymary select the Marys?

We demand the highest of standards from our babysitters. Therefore, we get to know all our Marys personally. To become a member of mymary, all applicants must go through a strict selection process. Only 20% of initial applicants finally become our Marys. First, our pedagogues get to know every single applicant personally and examine their professional aptitudes. Next, mymary conducts extensive background checks of the suitable candidates. Finally, only a select few are being trained individually and prepared for our premium babysitting services. We only choose the best babysitters for your kids and frequently support them in honing their Mary skills.




  • Extensive screening of qualifications of new applicants and strict selection

  • Personal interview with every single Mary

  • Review of educational level, experience and personal skills


exTENSIVE background checks

  • Evaluation of references from prior experiences

  • Examination of educational suitability through pedagogical tests  

  • Review of extended police records

  • Review of passport documents

  • Review of trade certificates


Individual MYMARY training

  • mymary foundational preparation

  • Individual mymary sitter training with certificates

  • First aid courses for pediatric emergencies in cooperation with our partners


Book your Mary now.
Your kids in the best hands. mymary.


Overview of your benefits

  • Introductory Meeting: Get to know your Mary and rebook your known babysitters

  • Best Qualification of Marys: Personal selection, individual training, first aid course for pediatric emergencies

  • Insurance: All babysitters are liability-insured through mymary 

  • Security: Review of extended police records, passport documents and references 

  • Last-Minute-Bookings: Immediate- and same day emergency babysitting

  • Customer Support: Every day availability via e-mail, chat and telephone 

  • Tax Benefits: Up to 30% refundable 

  • Cashless Transaction and Secure Payment: via online payment providers 48h after your babysitting service

  • Privacy: Your data is well protected and treated confidentially 

  • No Paperwork: mymary takes care of invoicing of official receipts and sends them to you automatically

  • Travel Time: inclusive

  • Adjustable Bookings: You and your Mary can change the actual timings in 15 minute intervals until 48h after the appointment

  • No Membership Fees: no hidden or running costs, you pay only per (quarter) hour while staying fully flexible 


mymary. our promise.

Due to our long-standing experience and our multistep selection and training process we are convinced of the skills and qualifications of our Marys. Only a very best select few fulfil our strict criteria. At the same time, we want to offer you the best possible customer service. In case you should not be satisfied with your babysitter, we offer you a money-back guarantee. Our team processes each case individually and constantly tries to find prompt and optimal solutions with a possibility of refunding you 100% of the paid amount.


Helping you with your Tax refunds

According to German § 35a EStG (“Steuerermäßigungen bei Aufwendungen für haushaltsnahe Dienstleistungen”) costs for child care at home is effectively reduced. Annually, two thirds of child care costs (with a maximum of 4.000€ per child) are tax deductible. After each booking mymary supports you with an immediate and structured invoicing, which you can include in your annual tax declaration.

Insurance included with every mymary booking

Of course your kids are always in the best hands with our selected and qualified Marys. In addition, mymary offers a wide liability insurance coverage for personal and physical damage. The best thing: It is included with every booking already. With mymary you and your beloved ones are always on the safe side.

Last minute bookings and regular child care

You receive a surprise visit from old friends? You would like to resume former leisure activities? With mymary by your side the flexible organization of your weekly schedule is a waltz. No matter if spontaneously or on a regular basis. Our algorithm will find the most suitable sitter for you even for the same night - with mymary, your kids are in the best hands. Always.


The innovative mymary algorithm

mymary finds the perfect child care for you and your family from your personal environment. Once you start your search for the perfect sitter our complex algorithm integrates your social network of existing online and offline connections and gives you the chance to read reviews from parents you know. With mymary you have the option to constantly extend your network and rebook your favourite sitters directly.

Your kids in the best hands. mymary.

We are happy to help you at any time throughout our range of communication channels - send us a message via e-mail, our contact form below, our chat box or simply give us an old fashioned call. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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