Frequently Asked Questions 


Where can I book my Mary?

mymary babysitters are currently available in the cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Other cities will follow shortly, including Berlin, Düsseldorf & Cologne (Status: July 2018). You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter and we will send you an email as soon as we are available in your city. 

How short notice can I book a babysitter?

In general, the earlier you book, the more likely a babysitter will accept your request. Thanks to mymary's large babysitter pool, however, we are often able to cover emergencies up to 4 hours before the sitting and in individual cases we can do on even shorter notice.   

Can I always book the same Mary?

Absolutely. We know how important it is for everyone involved that it is always the same Mary who comes into your house. This is made easy if the dates have been agreed in advance. With very sporadic requests, it is of course possible that your babysitter may not be able to come. That's why we offer you the possibility to book an introductory meeting in advance. This way, you can get to know several Marys (2-3) in advance and then be assured that if your favourite babysitter cannot make it, you can still book a Mary whom you already know. To do this, please log in and click on "Menu" in the top right corner. In the next step, click on "My Babysitters", where you can book your existing babysitters directly.

 -Tip -

Even your babysitters can make appointments for you and save you time in this step, just talk to your Mary when you need her and if she has time your Mary will take care of everything. 

To book an existing babysitter, log into your profile and click on "My Babysitters". There you can see the Marys you already know and there you find the option book them again. Alternatively, the Mary can also place the booking  for you after you have informed her by phone or during your last appointment. 

How do I re-book an already known babysitter?

mymary does not debit your account until 48 hours after the babysitting. Within these 48 hours, you or your Mary can adjust the timings of the booking, in case you came back early or stayed out longer than initially planned. 

When will my account be debited?

All mymary babysitters work independently and are obliged to submit their tax declarations. Proper invoicing to babysitters and customers should also ensure that mymary babysitting is not undeclared work but legal babysitting. 

Are the babysitters officially registered?

How are mymary babysitters screened and trained?

  • Review of pedagogical level of education and personal suitability in interviews, training & examinations
  • Official review of the extended police clearance certificate
  • Verification of the identity card
  • Review of curriculum vitae and any references
  • Review of employment status
  • Review of the first aid course certificate 

We expect the highest of standards from our babysitters. Therefore, we get to know all our Marys personally. To become a member of mymary, all applicants must go through a strict selection process. Only 20% of initial applicants finally become our Marys. First, our pedagogues get to know every single applicant personally and examine their professional aptitudes. Next, mymary conducts extensive background checks of the suitable candidates. Finally, only a select few are being trained individually and prepared for our premium babysitting services. We only choose the best babysitters for your kids and frequently support them in honing their Mary skills.

How are mymary babysitters selected?